Locally grown and harvested ingredients.


Picked, hand packed, and pickled in Portland,


PDX Pickle, LLC, dba:  Scoot-n-Pickle


Scoot-n-Pickle is a fun idea coming full circle.  On a quest to find that unique taste from grandmother's home canned pickles, we reached out to other family members for their brine recipes and suggestions.  A fun and tasty beginning to our pickling journey. 

Family, friends, and neighbors soon became willing pickle testers.  We tried new variations, different book methods,  and even enrolled in acidified processing classes at Oregon State University to perfect the process.  From these efforts we created the "Sort of Spicy" Dill we serve today.  Based in Portland, Oregon, our journey expands with each new growing season of fun vegetables and ideas.  We grow many of our ingredients and purchase from pesticide free farms.

The logo  originated from a painting given as a gift.  The artist, and fellow volunteer at a local non-profit, Maja Emiko Hart, was inspired by our love for scooting and  passion for pickling.  From this painting the Scoot-n-Pickle  name was born.  Another volunteer with the same non-profit used her graphic design skills and artistry to transform the painting to the logo we use today. 

Welcome to our site and welcome to our pickle journey.  We will add more links and fun information as we continue the pickle quest .